Puppy Policy

Although when we breed it is with the intention of looking to keep ourselves, many won’t be suitable for what we are looking for and will be offered to pet homes.  We want to make sure our puppies go to the right homes.  The following are factors that we take into account.

  1. Do you work full time?  If you work full time are you able to make provisions for the dog during the day?  In our opinion you are not going to provide the best home for a dog if it will be left on its own during the course of the day.
  2. Have you had a dog before? This is certainly not essential but we are able to give you extra guidance if you are new to dogs.  A lot of gundog breeds are “quite lively” and we feel need firm but kind handling.  You will need to be aware of the commitment involved in exercising and looking after a dog.
  3. What is your aim for the dog, working, show or pet.
  4. Do you have children, cats or other dogs? This will enable us to try to match the most suitable puppy to you.
  5. Are you interested in a dog or bitch and what your reason is for this choice?

Our new puppy owners will receive a puppy pack containing the following

1) KC registration including 6 weeks free insurance
2) Pedigree details
3) Endorsement details
4) Contract of Sale
5) Information Sheet
6) Diet Sheet

You will also receive a starter pack of food and unlimited advice from us as necessary

Our puppies will be raised in our home.  They will have come in contact with

a) other humans
b) other dogs
c) children
d) cats, chicken and they sometimes get to watch the alpaca!

We aim to expose them as much as is possible, prior to vaccinations, to everyday sights, sounds and experiences.  We hope that this will help them to become well adjusted dogs in the future.

We will always take back a dog we have bred if the owner finds themselves unable to look after it any more, (our contract states that if the new owner is no longer able to look after the dog that it is returned here).  To protect our puppies they are all endorsed

(1)   Progeny Not Eligible for Registration (this stops any puppies from the dog being able to be registered with the Kennel Club)

(2)   Not Eligible for the Issue of an Export Pedigree

These endorsements will only be lifted in exceptional circumstances.

View the HWVA’s guide to finding a puppy

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