Stud Policy

We no longer have any stud dogs available.

We believe that as owners of stud dogs it is our responsibility, as well as the owners of the bitch, to try to ensure that breeding decisions are made with the best interest of the breed in mind. We have certain criteria which we use as a guideline. However, decisions regarding stud availability will be made on an individual basis.

We believe that given the small gene pool in our breed it is not beneficial for dogs to be used extensively. There are various scenarios which we also give added extra consideration to:

  • Repeat matings. We feel that although it is tempting to repeat a mating that has produced good results it does little to enhance our gene pool, particularly if there are already dogs from the original litter in breeding programs. We therefore think especially carefully before allowing repeat matings to take place. We certainly don’t encourage breeding to supply a demand for puppies.
  • Repeat genetic matings. For the same reasons as above we give extra consideration to our stud dogs being used on a bitch from the same litter as a bitch who has already been mated.

Whilst we understand that health problems occur with many dogs we will take what we consider appropriate steps to minimise the risk of health problems. We expect bitch owners to be open about health issues within their lines, in the same way as we will be open about any issues we know of within our dogs lines. For this reason we also ask that bitch owners report back to us any health problems which they hear of with the progeny.


Bitches must be hipscored and HUU tested.

We use the breed standard as a basis for what we should be aiming to achieve with our breeding. Breeding from poorly conformed, untypical dogs or dogs with bad temperement takes us further from our goal and this should be avoided.

We expect bitch owners to be capable of raising puppies in a safe and caring environment. They need to also be in a position to offer ongoing support and advice for the puppies throughout their life.

The HWVA have various codes of conduct and ethics which provide a good basis for the standards that should be expected from breeders and owners and contain standards we endeavour to follow.

Bitch owner’s will be requested to sign a stud contract, a copy of which can be provided on request.

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