Meet the pups

We still haven’t settled on names yet but now the pups are starting to get a little more interesting we thought we would share their faces!

Eye opener

Over a week old and we now have eyes!

12 days old 11 days old 11 days old 11 days old

However, we still prefer not to use them!

12 days old

The little girl continues to do well and was actually one of the first to open her eyes!

New arrivals

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Pearl’s pups.  She delivered 9 babies on the evening of Friday 16 May.  One little girl was very small and we were concerned whether she would survive.  However, we are delighted she has appeared to turn the corner and is gaining weight nicely, she has a long way to catch up with some on the big babies in this litter though!

We have a lovely combination of colours.

1 black and white boy, 1 black and white girl
3 liver boys and 1 liver girl
1 orange boy and 2 orange girls

Pearl pups day 2

Pearl pups day 2

Pearl pups day 6

Pearl pups day 6

Pearl is blooming

Further to our last post containing scan photographs… there is no doubt that Pearl has little people on board.  She is growing by the day… Her size hasn’t slowed her down much though and she is still whizzing around our fields at great speed on her walks. Two weeks to go now. Pearl, 7 weeks pregnant

Exciting News

We are pleased to be able to confirm Pearl’s pregnancy.  Below are pictures we took whilst scanning her! Her puppies will be due in about a month’s time!

Details of the litter can be found here.

10257887_10152050388573779_3673123011430001575_n  10004057_10152050388163779_4520874844916435061_n (2) 1969159_10152050388838779_7275887942476741644_n  10154490_10152050388348779_4405439824342266790_n