Great news for our “HUU normal” HWV boys

We have recently been made aware of a genetic condition that can affect HWV.  Urate Stone Disorder causes an increased production of uric acid in affected dogs which can lead to the formation of stones in the bladder and urinary tract.  Whilst it doesn’t appear that we have large numbers of HWV that develop problematic stones it is a serious problem when they do which sometimes requires surgery.

Luckily, unlike a large number of health problems dog breeders encounter this has a very simple inheritance and a test that can predict the genetic status of a dog.  This means it is possible to breed puppies that you can guarantee will never suffer from this genetic condition.

Despite the fact that it could affect our future breeding plans we decided to test the dogs who we would potentially still breed from to ensure we won’t ever produce an affected puppy.

Nettie has tested as a carrier of the affected gene which means she will never develop the condition herself but needs to be mated to a genetically “normal” dog who does not carry a copy of the mutated gene in order to guarantee none of her progeny will be affected.

The good news though is that both Cezar and Tennant (owned by Sam Clark or Farlap) are both genetically “normal” and so don’t carry any copies of the mutated gene.  This is the best news we could have hoped for and means our mating plans remain on course and we will not produce any puppies affected by Urate Stone Disorder.



The multitalented Tennant -  Photo courtesy of Farlap Photography

Tennant –
Photo courtesy of Farlap Photography

Further details on Urate Stone Disorder can be found here.

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