New Owner Information

The following is a some information we hope will be useful before you collect your new addition.   There are various highlighted links in the text where you can find out more about specific items.  They will leave with enough food for you to get them settled at home.  You will be given further/ more specific details when they leave with you.

This information is not exhaustive so please ask if there is anything you are unsure about.


Puppies leaving us at the usual time of around 8 weeks won’t have had any vaccinations before they come home but will have been wormed (using Drontal puppy).  We will give you full details on collection.  If you need us to commence your puppies course of vaccinations let us know but we will need to make sure the vaccines are compatible with those your vet uses.  We will add the cost of these to the price.

The puppies will have been microchipped.  You will need to transfer the details over to your own when puppy is home.


The puppies have been weaned on Naturediet puppy food  A good place to buy it from is Amazon.  This is a very palatable complete food which we have found suits their system and they enjoy.  We may well add some dry food to this if it’s not enough and will give you details of what we use.

We will give you an idea of the quantities they are fed when you collect your puppy.  If you wish to change the food please do it gradually.  We will ensure that you have enough food to tide you over and allow you to make a gradual switch to a preferred food should you want to.

We use a few grain free foods for our adults but our main and preferred food is from Viovet:  Unfortunately they don’t make a puppy version.



The pups will all be sent home with bedding which smells of the rest of the litter.  This should help them settle into their new home quicker and can be put in with their bed.


We use crates for pups we keep here to stay in overnight and when we go out for the first few months to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.  We also allow them access to this during the day so that they can get away from it all – especially important for those of you with children!  We make it a rule that they shouldn’t be disturbed when they go in there.  We find 42″ crates a good size.


We tend to use outdoor style beds for our older pups and adults.  We choose these beds specifically to try to avoid materials that trap smells.  We also use crate mats and vetbed in our crates.  Some beds have spare covers which can be machine washed which we have found very useful.

I know they aren’t the cheapest but we find Tuffie beds tend to stand the test of time:


The price of our puppy is set to allow you to set up your own insurance before you collect them.  We have done this for several reasons.

By encouraging you to set up your own insurance you will be able to choose the company that you would like to work with in the future.  If we set up 4/5 weeks free insurance, if anything happens to your puppy in that period of time which means you need to claim through it and is likely to persist you will likely be forced to continue cover with the company we use to continue cover for that issue.  As soon as you switch insurance companies when there has been a health issue in a pet, any condition which has been treated/diagnosed prior to that change is classed as pre-existing and is usually excluded from the new cover.

Also, it has been suggested that it is not appropriate for breeders to pass new owner details on to third parties and this way we avoid doing that.

However, should you explicitly give us instructions to set up 4 or 5 weeks free insurance, we are more than happy to do that for you.  Just let us know!

Your insurance should be arranged to start the day you collect your puppy.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your insurance:

  • How much will the insurance pay per condition?
  • How long will the payments continue for – is it lifetime cover for an illness or is there a limit to how long you can claim?
  • What is the excess?

It is often a good idea to ask your vets if there are specific companies they find easy to deal with or who they have had problems with since they will usually have to deal with them.

Contract of Sale

The puppies will be sold with a Puppy Sales Contract to try to ensure their future welfare.  The following is to give you advance information of what will be in the contract.   You should find very similar contracts are issued from a lot of other breeders.

  • There will be 2 endorsements on the puppy’s Kennel Club Registration Documents.

Not eligible for issue of export pedigree – this is to protect our puppies from being sold on (for profit) abroad.  We will only lift this endorsement with proof that you are emigrating.

Progeny not eligible for registration – We do this for several reasons: a) to prevent the puppy being purchased for the purposes of breeding  b) To protect the breeds limited gene pool from misguided breeding.   This endorsement can be lifted by us but only in exceptional circumstances and only if we consider the dog to conform satisfactorily to breed standards and is of good health.  We also suggest health screening that at that time is recommended for the breed, in particular hip scoring.  In the cases of bitches they must also be over 2 years old.  If you have plans to breed from your puppy in the future you must tell us – we do not generally sell puppies for breeding programs.

These endorsements are used as standard by many breeders and will even be applied to any puppies we keep initially.

  • We strive to produce healthy, happy puppies. We would never sell a puppy with a known health issue without making prospective owners fully aware.
  • We would advise that within 5 days after collecting your puppy you take them to your vet for a health check. If there are any health problems which you were not made aware of and which have not occurred as a result of your ownership we will be happy to take back the puppy and give you a full refund.
  • If at any time you find yourself unable to keep the dog, it should be returned to us for rehoming. Again this is a safeguard for our puppies.


We charge £1200 for our puppies.

Payment needs to be made before you take the puppy, either by cash or more preferably BACs/FP

If you prefer to pay by BACs our bank details are as follows:

Karen and Richard May; 07-02-46, 11994450

The following link is to give you further information when your puppy arrives:

There is some very useful information from the Kennel Club which we would advise you to read here.

View our puppy guide

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