Amiryck Follow that Dream

Amiryck Atlas of Farlap x Amiryck Dabinett

D.O.B: 17/06/2015

Hip Score: 5:5


Phoebes pedigree

Phoebe was from a very special and long awaited litter, the first time we had bred two Amiryck dogs together.  We were thrilled with the litter and after some debate we decided Phoebe would be the little girl to stay here.  We are looking forward to seeing whether she fulfills her initial promise.

 “May’s Amiryck Follow That Dream, well made puppy. Good head, good make & shape. Still unsure on the move. Very good coat;”
2nd Puppy Bitch | Manchester Championship Show | Judge: Mr Kari Jarvinen (Finland) 

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