Pointer Information

The pointer is a long established gundog, bred to point game.  It is generally a healthy breed.

Pointers have a high demand for exercise and need regular opportunities to exercise freely on open ground.  It is critical that owners are able to provide this as well as the mental stimulation that an active gundog needs.  They are generally loving and even tempered.

The Pointer Club represents the breed and are a useful resource for people wanting to find out more about pointers.  We would encourage people interested in the breed to join.  Their website can be found here: www.thepointerclub.co.uk

The Kennel Club breed standard gives a good basis to what a pointer should be like.  It can be viewed here: www.thekennelclub.org.uk/services/public/breed/display.aspx?id=2042

We are no longer breeding pointers

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