Pointer Puppy Information

We have no plans for pointer puppies in the near future.  However, please contact us if you are looking for an adult pointer to join you.

We took the decision previously to breed from our pointers.  This decision wasn’t taken lightly since pointers have pretty specific requirements.

We spend a lot of time and money on our hobby and do not make any money from having litters from our dogs.   We always look at our litters to see if there is a puppy in them that fits our criteria for our next keeper, sometimes there will be, sometimes not.

In our opinion a good way of supporting the breed and ensuring it moves on is to select your breeder carefully: Some of the considerations which may be important to you are;

•    Why are they breeding?
•    Will they be able to give me back up and support?
•    Are the pups raised in an environment similar to your own or will they have a lot of readjustment to do in their new surroundings?

Selecting a breeder you feel happy with may mean you have to wait for a puppy but remember you will have this dog for life so you need to make the right decision! Following a litter from birth and the lead up to it can often be a very exciting experience!

Our main priority for rehoming puppies is their welfare and happiness in their new home. As such we do not have set criteria for prospective “puppy parents” but hope that with the right information and guidance we can achieve this. We are always willing to answer questions about our dogs.  We won’t let our puppy’s, who are brought up lovingly in our home go to homes where they are expected to live in kennels.

Like most gundogs, pointers need time, a lot of excercise and space (and a certain amount of patience!) and we urge prospective owners to make sure they can provide this. Our pointer is lovely to have around in the house but this probably wouldn’t be the case if she didn’t have enough exercise.

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