Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Amiryck HWV

Fairfield_16kh103_rsOur first wire came to live with us in 2003. We were moving to a house in the country, with more space and were able to fit a larger dog into our lifestyle. Personality wise we needed a breed that fitted in with the family and one that was easy to train.  We wanted the softer appearance of a coated dog but with a coat more easily managable on a day to day basis with all the mud we encounter. The HWV seemed to fit the bill!

We haven’t looked back since.

We enjoy working and occasionally showing our wires. We have been involved within the breed club: the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association for some years. Richard was Chairman and Field Trial Secretary and I have been and am currently media co-ordinator and health co-ordinator.

Find out more about HWV here.

HWV health.

HWV breed standard.

Amiryck HWV at large

We love following the progress of all Amiryck HWV and are really proud of some of their achievements.

The agile Poppy - Amiryck Shaula

The agile Poppy –
Amiryck Shaula

Amiryck Sabik at Barcutan - First NZ Champion HWV

Amiryck Sabik at Barcutan 
First NZ Champion HWV


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